Terms of online sale/purchase

Article 1. Foreword

The terms of online sale/purchase are concluded between, on the one hand, the SA SOBELVIN, member of the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises de Belgique (identification number 0407.166.804), and, on the other hand, the persons who want to buy online via the SOBELVIN.BE website, hereafter called “user”.

Who are we ?
Sobelvin sa
Rue Diguette 18
4031 Angleur

VAT : BE 0407.166.804

Website : http:/

Email :

General points

The parties agree that all relations are exclusively subject to this contract except for any terms already mentioned on the website. If any terms were lacking, these matters would be subject to the usual regulations applied in the Belgian online sale sector. If one or more of the present terms was not applied, this could never be considered by the user/buyer as a renunciation of those terms.

These terms of online sale/purchase are aimed at defining the modes of trading between Sobelvin and the user, from the order to the services, as well as payment and delivery.

The terms settle all the steps to be taken to put in an order and ensure the following up of the order between the parties.

Any visitor of our website who doesn’t have a personal customer number will have to register to get that number.

In any case, the final validation of the order implies that the user agrees with the order in its entirety and at the indicated price.

That validation is worth a signature and the approval of all operations made on the website.

Article 2. Terminology

The services offered by Sobelvin through its website –sale of products- will be hereafter called “services”. Every person who would like to take advantage of those services and who has agreed with the terms of sale/purchase will hereafter be called “customer”. Every company that has asked Sobelvin to sell goods on its website will be called “supplier” and any order made by a customer according to the terms of sale/purchase will hereafter be called “the order”.

Article 3. Registering your personal details

Any individual or legal entity that registers as a potential contracting party of while surfing on the website, communicates personal details to sobelvin through the registration procedure.

Registering implies that the user accepts that his personal details will be treated in the sobelvin data file. Only the individuals or legal entities that have full legal and civil capacity are allowed to register.

When registering, the individual or legal entity gets an identification number and chooses a password which has to be validated by sobelvin. That information will be confirmed through an e-mail from sobelvin to the customer.

The customer is responsible for the confidentiality, security and use of his identification number and password. Any use of the identification number and password of a customer is supposed to have been done by that customer himself.

Sobelvin can temporarily or permanently stop the use of a registration number and password if it appears that a customer doesn’t respect the terms of online sale and purchase.

Dealing with the customer’s personal data is the responsibility of sobelvin

Dealing with the personal details of a customer in the data file of happens in order to manage the clientele, to deal with orders, delivery and invoicing, and also to follow through the solvability and publicity thanks to the customer’s profile, personalized treatment and marketing.

Article 4. Pricing policy

All the information about the goods (delivery costs, warranty) as well as the prices are mentioned on the explanatory card of each product.

The selling prices on our website are always mentioned in euros. They include the VAT (when applicable) and all the costs except the costs of delivery and extra warranty.

Sales without VAT to people who are not liable to the VAT can only occur if written evidence is given beforehand.

The price paid by the buyer, called “total price”, is clearly indicated when putting in an order.

Article 5. Delivery costs

Shipping costs will be charged according to the following chart (Excluding VAT). In the case of a return, the shipping will be charged to the customer.

The delivery costs will be paid by Sobelvin for any order of an amount of 150 € or more (all taxes excluded) put in by a customer that has registered on sobelvin and whose delivery address is situated in Belgium. For any order of less than 150 € (all taxes excluded), the delivery costs will be12.5 € for Belgium.

For others country, the customer must ask at

Delivery time in Belgium :

The delivery time is clearly mentioned :

  • Liège : Monday, Wednesday and friday
  • Bruxelles : tuesday
  • Namur and north of belgium: wednesday
  • Ardennes : Thursday

Packing and warranty :

All our goods are very carefully packed with protecting materials so that the delivery can occur in the best conditions. All the goods we send are insured, free of charge, against damaging and theft during the transport. When getting your parcel, you must carefully check the integrity of your order and of all the items. This must happen in the presence of the person in charge of the delivery in order to have reserves if necessary.

If you have any doubt about the condition or content of the order, you must refuse it on receiving the parcel. Any refused article must be handed back, in its genuine packaging, to the person in charge of the delivery.

Loss of parcel

In spite of all our efforts, it can happen that a parcel gets lost. In that case please send an e-mail to our Customer services at

Article 6. Putting in orders

The customers put in an order to sobelvin via the website. The order can only be registered if the customer is clearly identified by entering his strictly personal customer number.
By filling in an online order form so that the customer will get a personal customer number from our Customer services as soon as he puts in his first order.

By ordering, the customer agrees with the prices and description of the articles on sale. By ordering online the customer clearly indicates that he wants to conclude a sale contract with sobelvin and agrees with the Terms of online sale/purchase. The customer will get a confirmation of his order via an e-mail called “confirmation e-mail” with all the details of the order. Sobelvin will deliver the goods ordered online as long as they are in stock. If an article is in stock, it is clearly indicated by a green spot. If the article is out of stock, the spot is orange. If an article is not available, sobelvin will inform the customer as soon as possible.

Article 7. Payment

In order to deal with the orders as quickly as possible and to offer the best service possible, sobelvin asks his customers to pay when putting in the order. If the customer gives up his order, sobelvin will pay him back without compensation. The return to sender costs must be paid by the customer.

The purchase price will be paid via the Ogone server ( Sobelvin works with the Ogone server so that all the banking details of the customer are scrambled before being safely transmitted. The customer can use the following payment methods :

  • By indicating the type of credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard), the number of the credit card, the date of expiration and its cryptogram (if necessary).
  • Via Home Banking (ING Home'Pay, Dexia NetBanking and Dexia Direct Net, KBC Online and CBC Online).
  • Via Bancontact/Mastercash (FORTIS, DEXIA, ING et VDK Spaarbank).

Article 8. Safety of electronic payments

All payments happen via the highly secured company Ogone ( located in Brussels.

Ogone are experts in payment safety and guarantees that all personal banking details are transmitted and kept according to the highest quality and security standards.

Article 9. Giving up a purchase

The customer has the right to notify sobelvin that he wants to give up his purchase, without having to pay a fine, within 14 working days from the day following the delivery of the order.

As a reminder : your purchases are very carefully packed with protecting materials so that we can guarantee that the delivery will happen in the best possible conditions.

All the goods we send are insured, free of charge, against damaging and theft during the transport. When getting your parcel, you must carefully check the integrity of your order and of all the articles. This must happen in the presence of the person in charge of the delivery in order to have reserves if necessary.

sobelvin will only agree with the customer giving up his purchase if the genuine packaging of the article is still intact; this means that the seal and the article itself haven’t been used or damaged.

The buyer must notify his decision to give up a purchase via an e-mail The customer, provided he has notified his decision in time (within 7 working days from the day following the delivery), will then get a return authorization number.

Article 10. Protection of minors.

In compliance with the laws applicable in Belgium is the selling of alcohol to minors under 18 years old forbidden. The buyer commits to being at least 18 years old when placing an order on the website

Article 11. Applicable law and competence

The present Terms are subject to the Belgian law. In case of a dispute, the customer will first get in touch with sobelvin in order to reach a friendly agreement. If it is not possible, the courts of the judicial district of Liège are the only ones to be competent whatever the delivery address or the methods of payment may be.

For any question about giving up an order, please send an e-mail to


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